The collection

We collected violins for many years from France, Germany and Holland. Most instruments were made in the 20th century, but some date back to the 17th century. The violins vary in price from € 400 to € 50,000. The most precious Dutch violins are not for sale but we lend them for a short time for special occasions.

The bows were made in France, the United Kingdom and Germany from the 18th to the 20th century.

Confidence is vitalin the trade of fine instruments and the risk of a bad deal may keep you from buying. For players it is important that both the price and the sound are right. We offer a reasonable money-back guarantee and the opportunity to test the instruments in our music room. This guarantee is also available for customers who buy online. Please contact us for details.

The violins are in good condition with a basic set-up. We will make changes according to your preferences.

Investing in violins and bows has been profitable in the past and even now, prices are higher every year, especially for Italian and French instruments and French bows.