The Konya family

Istvan senior (1919 – 1999) started to make violins at the age of 13 and continued as an amateur until Yehudy Menuhin introduced him to the Cremona violin school. He studied in Cremona and during his study his violins were presented at the National Biennal of Cremona and praised. Later he won prizes in international competitions.

Istvan junior (Stefano Conia) studied violin making in the Cremona school. He earned several gold medals for his instruments in international competitions. His small violins were offered to the president of the republic and pope John 23thrd. He works in his shop on Corso Garibladi no 95 in Cremona. His son Stefano follows his father’s footsteps

Lajos Konya studied in his father’s workshop. His work gradually improved and his work was presented in Cremona Triennal in 1991. Later his work was greatly appreciated in several competitions.  His son Lajos Jr. is the youngest in the Konya tradition.